• Car Full of Girls Can't Handle Huge Spider
    Who cares what these people were trying to film. That spider has some fantastic timing. And to be fair, most of us would freak out to some degree if we ...
    (11:00) Fail Blog
  • Leftovers
    (11:00) I Has A Hotdog
  • 2020 Versions of Stuff
    Magical. Lovely. Wonderful. All of these are words that totally do not describe 2020 for most of us. It has been a long and exhausting uphill battle of a year. ...
    (10:10) Eatliver.com
  • Amazon Driver Meets Farm's Guinea Hens
    Seems like a stereotypical quiet day on the farm until you see those guinea hens giving chase to that unsuspecting Amazon driver like none other. We can only imagine what ...
    (10:00) Fail Blog
  • Woman Gets Into Car, Realizes It's Very Wrong Car
    Some of us have had those startling moments when we realize we've boarded someone else's Lyft ride. It's an innocent enough fail, and can make for a funny time. Well, ...
    (09:00) Fail Blog
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