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  • Your sale has you decline
    Companion of child… sit down! Photo courtesy of Patti Wagner. Found in Tokyo. 
    (November 16 19:00)
  • Unsnug heroes of electronics…
    Is this their swan snog? Photo courtesy of Michelle Low. Found in Ping’an China.
    (November 15 19:00)
  • I hate advertising!
    Sign the damn rantal agreement… Photo courtesy of Chanthasone Insixiangmai. Found in Laos on way to Thailand. 
    (November 13 19:00)
  • Please use the tree.
    This may take a while… Photo courtesy of Mike Williams. Found at a Korean temple.
    (November 11 19:00)
  • Pick up time
    Photo courtesy of Christie. Notebook found in Tonghua, China.
    (November 10 19:00)
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