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  • Dude does a Perfect Horn Impression
    As far as marketable skills go, this is dubious. That said, a good horn impression would be the perfect thing to do if someone's obliviously standing in your way. Now ...
    (08:00) Fail Blog
  • A Kitty!
    (08:00) I Can Has Cheezburger?
  • Coder Takes Nuclear Revenge On Lying Ex-Employer
    This coder decided to take what's been labeled a "nuclear revenge." It sounds like their ex-employer was a nightmare. Apparently, they refused to pay the coder when they went to ...
    (07:00) Fail Blog
  • Not Saying Who
    (07:00) I Can Has Cheezburger?
  • Street Cat Winston Gets The Rescue Treatment
    Love is truly so powerful!Flatbush Cats found Winston alone out in the streets, dirty and hungry. Flatbush Cats is a wonderful nonprofit organization where they rescue and rehabilitate cats off ...
    (06:00) I Can Has Cheezburger?
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    (May 11 03:01)
  • 'The Office': 3 Characters Who Had an Affair (According to Fan Theories)
    We all know that the characters on The Office were no angels — they lied, gossiped, and one even strangled. And as we learned as the seasons went by, a ...
    (May 10 09:55)
  • The 'Four Words Every Girl Wants to Hear' Meme Has Officially Solved the Mystery of What Women Want
    For as long as they've been part of the human race (the beginning, for those not paying attention in biology), women have been confusing. What do they want?! Why are ...
    (May 10 09:42)
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    (May 10 08:49)
  • Infinity Stones! Step Right Up and Get Your Infinity Stones!
    Stones! Infinity Stones! I’ve got your genuine, bonafide Infinity Stones right here! Who needs ‘em? Step right up! Well, hello there, sir! You’re a big man, aren’t you? You’re like if ...
    (May 10 08:22)
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