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  • The iPhone 8 reviews: What the critics say
    NEW YORK - Reviews of the newest iPhones - the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus - landed across the Internet on Tuesday (Sept 19), with most major reviewers agreeing ...
    (September 20 09:30) TodayOnline Tech
  • ‘Car nation’ Germany distrustful of driverless vehicles
    FRANKFURT AM MAIN (Germany) - German carmakers are showing off their self-driving cars at the IAA international auto show in Frankfurt, but most people in the car-mad country have yet ...
    (September 20 08:35) TodayOnline Tech
  • The silent film returns — on social media
    Amanda Hess8 min 52 sec agoNEW YORK — We are living in the golden age of the silent video.
    (September 15 22:35) TodayOnline Tech
  • Renault-Nissan wants to make ‘robo-taxis’
    PARIS - Carmaker Renault-Nissan wants to make a "robo-taxi", driverless public transport vehicles and autonomous cars aimed at the mass market. The alliance announced that through 2022 it will expand development ...
    (September 15 16:55) TodayOnline Tech
  • A vacation with technology in tow
    NEW YORK - Forget just taking pictures with your phone's camera - there are far more creative ways for travellers to use technology to capture memories from their trips, says ...
    (September 14 18:45) TodayOnline Tech
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  • The Earth's flattest floor
    In a warehouse in Alabama is what may be the flattest floor in the world - one that can, in a sense, simulate space. BBC Future - and some cats ...
    (April 15 17:53)
  • Amazon goes upscale with new Kindle e-reader
    WASHINGTON - Amazon announced a new high-end Kindle e-reader on Wednesday, aiming to win over readers with a thin, light device despite a trend toward multi-use tablets.The Kindle Oasis, the ...
    (April 15 16:09)
  • A new autonomous submarine-hunter
    With the push for driverless vehicles in recent years, one might think that humans had a less than stellar history in the operation of cars, trucks, trains, buses, taxicabs, airplanes ...
    (April 14 13:36)
  • Tech billionaire Sean Parker donates $337 million for cancer 'moonshot'
    Washington - Tech billionaire Sean Parker announced Wednesday a US$250 million (S$337 million) grant to fund research aimed at breakthroughs in cancer treatment through immunotherapy.Parker, the founder of music-sharing service ...
    (April 13 21:59)
  • Chinese scientists modify human embryos to tackle HIV
    Beijing - China's top geneticists say the country should set its own standards and regulations on human genome research, state-run media reported Wednesday, as ethical debate erupted over a Chinese ...
    (April 13 17:41)
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