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  • How to Raise Quail for Profit Despite Their Size
    They may be small but they pack a punch. From meat to nutritious eggs and being able to reproduce quickly, quail are fairly easy to care for and there are ...
    (February 22 19:00)
  • Sounds and Noises Chickens Make and What They Mean
    We love our chickens, and many of us find their strange banter endearing, stress-relieving, and even relaxing.  Sure, there are times when the egg-song starts to drive us bananas, but ...
    (February 22 18:00)
  • 9 Options to Keep Ducks Around the Homestead
    If you want to raise amazing avians that are perfect for improving soil, nourishing perennial plants, and helping with insect control, ducks absolutely fit the bill. Deciding how to house ...
    (February 21 19:00)
  • 8 Best Seed Warming Mat to Start Your Seeds Early
    A seed warming mat is a smart investment for any indoor gardener or hydroponic enthusiast. Designed with its own fully encapsulated heating system, a seed warming mat is perfect for ...
    (February 21 18:00)
  • 6 Factors That Determine the Life Expectancy of Your Chickens
    Whether you keep chickens as pets or for a fresh egg each morning, it’s important to know the life expectancy of your chickens and how long you can expect to ...
    (February 20 19:00)
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