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  • 'The 5th Dementia' uses music as medicine
    Carol Rosenstein's husband, Irwin, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2006. Three years later, he was diagnosed with dementia.
    (March 16 04:53)
  • Watch one musician with memory loss play to remember
    A piano player living with memory loss shares how CNN Hero Carol Rosenstein's nonprofit band keeps the 'magic' of music in his life.
    (March 16 02:49)
  • Assad may win, but Syria is broken
    In the summer of 2015, President Bashar al-Assad was in trouble. His army -- fighting on multiple fronts amid desertion and exhaustion -- was losing ground. Islamist rebel groups were ...
    (March 15 16:54)
  • Teens' graffiti ignited civil war
    Ahmed Masri knew early on in life that you never talked about the President in front of strangers, and that if you did, you used a nickname they wouldn't understand. ...
    (March 15 14:54)
  • Opinon: West should stop feigning heartbreak
    Distance commentary is never a healthy task. And with Syria, with the drumbeat of shrapnel in children and starving, drowsy mothers in the background, it often feels fraudulent -- as ...
    (March 15 12:25)
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