• A Viking's Peace
    Raph, Jess, Rekha, and Andrew Stanton fantasize about blanket play, dry planets, and dirty hot tubs.
    (03:00) Collegehumor.com
  • Archaeology Isn't Sexy
    Jess, Trapp, Siobhan, and director Ryan Anthony Martin test their psychic skills and dig for bodies.
    (03:00) Collegehumor.com
  • Meet Cute with a Ghost
    All the good guys are taken or died in the Civil War, amirite?!
    (February 16 03:00) Collegehumor.com
  • Just Pretend It's a Laser
    Jordan Doll, Jon Gutierrez, and Maggie Mae Fish explore Streefighter's origins and existential ghosts. 
    (February 16 02:30) Collegehumor.com
  • Leeches, Exes, and Loans [Full Episode]
    Grant faces his fear of creepy crawlies. Meanwhile, Ally revisits a spicy romance.
    (February 15 03:00) Collegehumor.com
  • Rock, Paper, Stabbing Contest
    A classroom tussle inspires a lesson on conflict resolution...if you can call it that.
    (February 13 03:00) Collegehumor.com
  • Owen Robinson on Bill "Spaceman" Lee
    Owen Robinson pitches the eccentric Red Sox player/pothead, but will Raph's Boston bias prevail?
    (February 12 04:00) Collegehumor.com
  • Kidnapper or Scam Call?
    Which is more annoying: robocalls, or being kidnapped? Sound off in the comments!
    (February 12 01:08) Collegehumor.com
  • A Tale of Two Evenings
    Ruby and Josh spend a night with their ladies. Ruby gets everything he ever wanted, and it's too much. Finish the series over on dropout.tv.
    (February 11 02:30) Collegehumor.com
  • Straight-Acting
    Jordan Firstman, Kimia Behpoornia, Grant O'Brien and Ally get real about HIV/AIDS and the male gaze.
    (February 10 04:00) Collegehumor.com
  • Who Cares About Heart?
    Shane Crown, Jenny Lorenzo, and Erika Ishii dissect Zelda timelines and identify the voice of Sonic.
    (February 10 02:30) Collegehumor.com
  • Who Got Me Sick?
    Trapp is saddled with a mystery of microbial proportions.
    (February 09 02:30) Collegehumor.com
  • TOTAL FORGIVENESS: Grant and Ally's Fight to the Debt
    How far would you go to pay off your student loans? TOTAL FORGIVENESS available now on dropout.tv.
    (February 08 02:30) Collegehumor.com
  • When Spelling It Out Gets Tricky
    Raph stars in another top-notch sketch about the difficulties of spelling over the phone, from the folks here at Charlie Hotel.
    (February 07 03:30) Collegehumor.com
  • Raising the Stakes (with Brian Murphy) *FANTASY HIGH SPOILERS*
    Brian Murphy and Brennan discuss when to kill off PCs and reveal what's behind their DM screens.
    (February 07 03:30) Collegehumor.com
  • The Bomb That Dropped 1,000 Bats
    Feeling like a stupid failure, Brad teleports to the 1940s and discovers he's in good company.
    (February 06 02:30) Collegehumor.com
  • Death Is Undignified
    Zac, Brennan, Ally, and Katie normalize STIs and play a guessing game with clickbait.
    (February 05 04:00) Collegehumor.com
  • Grant vs. The Computer
    Unfortunately, IT refuses to do any work on any electronics Grant owns after the slime incident.
    (February 05 02:30) Collegehumor.com
  • The Man Who Pooped Feathers and Gold
    The education continues as Professor Foxtrot exposes even more self-induced experimentation. Finish the episode over on DROPOUT.TV! 
    (February 04 02:30) Collegehumor.com
  • Phantom's Liaison
    Katie, Rekha, Jess, and Malin von Euler-Hogan debate if it's a threesome when a ghost is involved.
    (February 03 04:00) Collegehumor.com