‘You’re evicted, effective immediately': RV resident gets himself evicted after refusing to move his truck from neighbor's driveway

Certain neighbors are well aware that they are being a pain in the neck but nonetheless derive some type of awkward enjoyment from it. Karma can be quite slow at doing her job, but the job gets done in the end, as seen in this particular case. OP told r/pettyrevenge about her neighbor who was hosting a guest on his front porch at 9 am. This neighbor was a long-time tyrant in their neighborhood, making noise, being rude to people, and unleashing his dogs onto other people's dogs. So it's no surprise that the entire neighborhood held a personal grudge against the dude.Misery likes company, and the neighbor's guest was just as bad as he was, having parked his truck on OP's driveway, blocking her from parking her own car. She asked him politely to move it, but he scoffed, called her names like this was high school, and told her to 'deal with it'. So, she did. She called the city, who sent a tow car and a cop.One thing led to another and the atmosphere became combative. Turns out this neighbor enjoyed breaking a lot of laws, and his RV was actually illegally parked in the town. He was evicted immediately, and the aftermath was a mix of pure enjoyment for OP and utter chaos for this terrible dude. Scroll down to read the full detailed account of events.For more stories like this, here is a Karen who inaccurately audited employees' scores, which led to her promptly getting fired.