'She's bankrupt, I'm debt free': Boyfriend serves epic karma to cheating girlfriend by playing the long game

Breakups are never easy, especially if you're married and even more especially if one of the partners does something to sever the trust you two might of had. It's what heartbreak is. It takes a longtime for someone in a relationship to have that epiphany that it needs to end, and it never feels good when you have it, but at least you know what has to be done now. A guy on Reddit recently shared his breakup drama from his past and his epic revenge he got one his cheating wife. He writes in r/pettyrevenge the long game he played to get his comeuppance. He found out that she had been cheating on him and just overall treating him poorly for a while now. So they split. However, they owned a home together and were splitting mortgage payments. After they split, he continued to pay his portion and even paid a head of time so he wouldn't have to worry. However, he found out that his toxic ex just stopped paying her half and was letting his advance payments over her. He was so upset, that he called the mortgage company and worked out a plan. He was going to stop paying his half and if she couldn't afford her half, they were welcomed to foreclose. The laws are different in Australia, where the poster is from, so since he was working on some sort of eventual payment plan with the mortgage company, his credit didn't suffer. However, his ex wife's did and she had to sell her car, file for bankruptcy, and overall her life took a hit by karma. He eventually was able to buy back the house, move in with his new wife, and now they recently sold it for a little profit. So though it was the long game, taking years to unfold, he truly got the revenge he needed. Read the entire story below!