20+ Marriage Fails for Bickering Couples

You're not a real couple if you don't bicker every now and then. It's part of the charm of being in a committed relationship. Personally, I'm of the opinion that healthy bickering can be a good thing, provided that both parties can laugh at the situation. Besides, the two of you are bound to annoy each other at some point, so you might as well make light of matters. That means occasionally pulling each other's leg and, respectfully and within reason of course, pushing each other's buttons.  If the following memes, tweets, and fails serve as any indication, healthy bickering is clearly a common occurrence. What's far less common are couples who pretend that absolutely everything is perfect 100% of the time. That's how divorce happens, whereas the couples who bicker healthily and joke about the highs and the lows are more likely to be the ones who last. For more compilations like this, check out these hilarious, but unfortunate adulting realities.