17 Kittens Sitting Up Using Their Slinky, Noodley Or Maybe Non-Existent Spines

Oh. My. Cat! Have you ever noticed how our feline friends have a knack for sitting in the most bizarre positions? We're talking about those moments when they curl up into a ball, tuck their paws underneath them, and sit like they have spines made out of cooked noodles or maybe no spines at all! It's as if they're made of Jell-O or rubber bands! But here's the thing: as much as we scratch our heads in confusion, we can't help but admit that cats sitting like they have no spines is just downright adorable. So whether your cat is sitting like a little loaf on the windowsill or perched like a furry gargoyle on the back of the couch, we can all agree that their spines are just a minor detail. Because when it comes down to it, they're always going to be the cutest little creatures in our lives, no matter how they sit.Start every morning with a smile by subscribing to our purrfect daily cat ICanHasNewsletter - click right here!