20 Unexplainable mystery images from the weird side of the internet

The internet has no shortage of strange and mysterious imagery. Some photos make you wonder not just if something is real or Photoshopped, but why it would exist at all! The image of the onion claw machine has really stuck in my mind, haunting me with thoughts of a shopping experience that probably doesn't exist yet, but could in some universe, someday. Only onions in a claw machine? Why stop there? Why not make a shop with claw machines full of as many non-perishable foods as possible? Gamify your entire shopping experience. I'd love to visit a store where you can grab a box of cereal or a single banana or some jalapeños all through arcade games only. If you build this store in the USA, using this free idea, let us know as soon as possible so we can spend 6 hours trying to buy enough claw machine grocery items to feed our families. This is the power of mystery images: they just lead to even more mystery ideas. Scroll through these wonders of the inter webs. Then, check out the reason this man lost his mind after trying to shop in a dead mall, and being completely ignored by retail workers.