'Go back... and wait like everyone else': Traveller sparks airplane etiquette debate after they cut off passengers in front of them

The internet is debating the unspoken rules of boarding and exiting airplanes after this guy's 'AITA' question. Lots of people enjoy flying, but many more people probably would say they actually hate being on airplanes. After getting through hours of security at the airport, you have to rush to your gate and then board in order. Then, you fly in a cramped cabin for hours, stuffed in like sardines with other random people. This traveller has a question about what happens once the airplane touches down again at its destination. As they write, they were sitting at the rear of the aircraft when it landed, and since they only had a backpack, the OP quickly got up and rushed to the front of the plane. This traveller probably thought that was a brilliant idea. What they didn't count on, though, was the reactions of the other passengers around them, who were completely ticked off that this person cut the line. After that, scroll through these hilarious and scandalous confessions that are so dramatic they can only be told anonymously.