'People are openly heckling her': Tacky SIL announces her tasteless new gifting rule, gets roasted on Facebook by her own friends and family

Not everyone believes in that old saying, "It's the thought that counts." U/Salt_Mood_7908 wrote to the r/etiquette sub with a burning question on her mind. She's suddenly found herself in an awkward situation with her SIL. This SIL asked for only "vanilla cards" as presents. While this is a term I've never heard before, it apparently refers to prepaid debit cards. And this SIL wants only those, so that she won't be "loaded down with stuff she won't use." Now, if you want to have a preference in what you request from your family, that's one thing. But the SIL took this a step further! She made a social media post about her gifting idea. And then she tagged a whopping 23 people in the post, letting everyone know just what to gift her. It's awkward at best, and super tacky at worst. This is unhinged behavior, and she seemingly just could not stop herself. Check out the amazing way this woman's family roasted the SIL for her behavior. Then, this entailed customer has no idea why she's not allowed in the "Employees Only" back room of her favorite thrift store, and she's ready to take her complaints to corporate.