'2050 is closer than 1990': Nostalgic memes and fails for aging millennials

For those of us foolishly clinging to the past, we've got you covered. We may live in a world these days where the culture of the present does not match that of our youth, and that feeling can be, well, let's face it, infuriating. But rather than accept a world in which my interests and hobbies are no longer in the zeitgeist, I prefer putting on my rose-colored glasses and pretending I'm still just as relevant to the marketing industry as I once was. If this also describes your experience, then please come along and join me as we hop on the nostalgia with no plans to hop off any time soon. Keep scrolling below for these nostalgic memes and fails for all you aging former 90s kids and teens. For more compilations like this, feel free to check out these real estate fails and these travel memes and fails.