A Copious Amount Of Cute Cats Presenting Presents For Their Hooman Lovers With Their Favorite Stuffies In All Shapes And Sizes (25+ Adorable Kitties)

Fellow cat lovers, does your cat act like a dog sometimes? Do they like to play fetch, and bring you back a toy or two? Do they bring their favorite stuffed animal with them to every room? Is it, possibly, the most adorable thing you've ever seen? You bet your booty it is, and we love it too! It's so cute to watch them take their favorite toy with them, like a little kid who loves their blankie. Sometimes our kitty holds hers in her mouth when she's bird-watching.We'll take any display of love we can get from our cat companions, and this is probably one of the most heartwarming ones. Bringing us presents is a sign from cats that we're a part of their family, they're trying to teach us to hunt and support us with whatever they can find. But when it's stuffed animals, it's just that much cuter (well, to be fair almost anything is cuter than a dead mouse). So please enjoy some cute kitties displaying their love and affection for their chosen families below. It warmed our hearts and made us miss our kitty at home. Soon we will be reunited!