"Human, This Cat Tree Is Noice" Stitch The Cat Helps Human Put Together His New Cat Tree (Video)

Hey there cat lovers. We crazy cat people know that cat trees are a total must for our feline friends. They provide our kitty cats with a nice structure emulating the outside world that they can climb on, scratch on, and sit upon to their hearts' desire. Today we stumbled upon a delightful video featuring one very impurrtant cat helping out his human in order to build his brand new cat tree and we are here for it. The suspense of a new toy, especially one that requires as much assembly as a cat tree is also so exciting. While putting them together, we think about how much our cats are going to enjoy them! usually in the end they turn their noses up at their fancy and expensive toys, and just jump into the nearest cardboard box that they can find. But not Stitch, nope Stitch loves his new cat tree and he's ready to show the whole wide world. PS, we encourage you to treat yourself to our pawesome new products: a cat calendar, and a matching cat & me Christmas sweater!Check out our store here! Now at specially discounted rates, get them while they're hot.