Boy Crazy: When Your Cat Unexpectedly Starts Crushing On Every Man In The Neighborhood (Video)

Cats, just like humans, will go through changes throughout their lives. Did you know that? Some of them will become a bit less shy with time, some will decide that they suddenly hate the food that you've been giving them their whole lives, some will have their coat color change ever so slightly, we've even heard stories of senior cats becoming more cuddly with age. But… we have not heard of a thing like today yet. Today, our resident singing cat lady, Tracy Thorne, is singing about a new kind of change that her cat experienced. Suddenly… he started crushing on all the men in the neighborhood. Yup. That happened. More of Tracy's original songs: The 'Catstronaut' Song: The First And Only Cat To Go To Space, The Gimme A Treat Song: never enough treats, A Song Dedicated To All The Purrfect Ginger Cats. Check out Tracy's social media: Facebook & Instagram.