An Extra Dose Of Awwdorably Feisty Kitten Cuddles (Video)

Hey there cat-loving humans. We hope you are all doing well and are mentally prepared for the overwhelming cuteness that you will soon be witnessing. This video of a squad of kittens being cute and playful is a pure delight to watch. We cat lovers have a soft spot for all things feline, obviously. And seeing the playfulness and charm of these tiny kittens just getting to know themselves and their surroundings is too cute to be true. This video is the medicine that you didn't know you needed, just what the doctor ordered! A kitty cat away keeps the doctor away, or something like that, right? Anyway, we just thought it was important to take a moment out of our busy schedules to share this sweet video with the world. We know that you guys value all the positivity that feline content brings to your lives, and that is where we come in!