Idiots Block Fuel Pump, Truckers Conspire to Block Them In

These truckers had had enough of people (including other truckers) blocking fuel pumps by taking their 30-minute breaks with their vehicles still parked at the pump. Any attempt to reason with these entitled people was just getting them nowhere, so they devised a scheme to pay these mother-truckers back and make them come to grips with their actions. This thread was posted to r/prettyrevenge by one of the truckers who executed their revenge, Redditor u/Lap_Killa. They posted the story to tell of their delicious petty revenge that they performed. Commenters enjoyed the story and voiced their support for the collaborative nature of this revenge story. "Perfect, and petty, revenge!" commented u/nanny-nannybooboo."I absolutely adore the collaboration with the total stranger hauling the oversize. He rocks and so do you!" commented little_jimmy_jackson. Keep scrolling for screengrabs of the thread and Reddit's reactions below. Thumbnail Image: Ernesto Leon