40+ Confusing Perspectives and Ridiculous Failures of Circumstance

Have you ever seen something that made you do a neck-snapping double-take? Whatever it was that you caught a glimpse of at precisely the wrong time it just wasn't where or what it should have been. These images are exactly those sorts of things. The sheer dumb luck of possibility and circumstance has brought these two things together and created a combination that should have never been. One thing is for certain; You should always be extremely careful of the sign-writing you place over a gas tank or on the side of a vehicle with a sliding door. These mistakes result in real-life situations that play out like a bit that's straight out of Top Gear.This dump of surprisingly suggestive and often immature fail images was originally posted as a "dump" to Imgur by user Imadethisaccounttopost.What's your favorite image in this dump? Be sure to let us know in the comments.