Photographer Quits, Uses Loophole To Keep Equipment And Runs Old Company Out Of Town

It's frustrating to have a coworker who uses underhanded tactics to make your job more difficult. It's even more frustrating when your customers take out their sheer hatred on you. And it's even more frustrating still to have an ineffectual boss jerk you around when you've already hit your limit. This employee had all three going on at once. Therefore, it wasn't very hard for them to take the leap, quit their job, and start acting in their own self interest. This is some Count of Monte Cristo level revenge against a former employer. Who knew the world of professional photography could get so cutthroat?For another terrific tale from the world of picture-taking, here's this employee who got fired over a technicality, took back their property and left the company nonfunctional. If there's anything to learn from the running theme, maybe it's that it's a bad idea to piss off professional photographers.