Used Bookstore’s Resident Cat And Supervisor Still Running Tight Ship After 15 Years

Cats haven't gotten over the deity-like treatment they enjoyed during the times of the pharaohs. They remain steadfast in carrying themselves in stately, regal manners that demand a certain amount of reverence. Yet, in the millennia that have passed, cats have had to endure a few trade-offs: crown jewels for Instagram accounts and pyramids for bookshops.Anyone visiting Richmond, Virginia, may have heard of Chop Suey Books, a former Chinese restaurant-turned-bookstore—at its first location—that serves as a metropolitan literary hub for indie writers and established authors alike. Although the sign above the door clarifies the Carytown District shop sells "Used Books, Not Used Eggrolls," it also depicts a cartoonish depiction of the shop's figurehead as the "Caturday Miracle," supervisor and resident celebrity cat, WonTon.Story written by Alex Lemieux.