'The Office': 3 Characters Who Had an Affair (According to Fan Theories)

We all know that the characters on The Office were no angels — they lied, gossiped, and one even strangled. And as we learned as the seasons went by, a lot more was happening behind the scenes that didn't make it into the "documentary" that was the show. Characters would occasionally allude to things we didn't see, especially when it came to their personal lives outside the office. So even though none of these fan theories can ever be proven because they weren't caught on camera, it's totally possible that these three Office characters had affairs. Roy cheated on Pam with Angela Reddit user flaming_muffins pointed out a few reasons why Pam shouldn't feel too bad about leaving Roy for Jim (you know, besides the fact that he sucked). During a game of "Who'd You Do?" in season two, Roy admits he would do Angela. Later, during the "Casino Night" episode, Roy and Angela sit next to each other and give each other a "look" when Michael toasts to "Old friends! New lovers!" In another episode, Pam tells Roy she doesn't want any secrets between them, and Roy immediately defensive and says that he "totally could have done something" but that he didn’t. (Maybe he DID... and with Angela!) As for Angela, she seems to be pretty flustered around Roy, and even calls him "strong" when he comes to pick up his last paycheck from Dunder Mifflin. Plus, we all know how much animosity Angela has towards Pam — maybe it all started as jealousy for her relationship with Roy. Stanley and Phyllis hooked up (source) In the last episode of The Office, it's revealed that Stanley is once again divorced, but Phyllis is still married to Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration. Despite Phyllis' marital status, Reddit user bouloo noticed that she and Stanley may have had a tryst when the cameras weren't rolling: "In the finale, when they're taking that photo of everyone, Stanley and Phyllis give each other a 'knowing look' or something, and they go upstairs. When everyone returns to the office, Phyllis is already sat down with Erin, but Stanley walks in saying he needs a drink. Toby and Meredith do the same, and return to the office together after everyone else, so I think they did sleep together." Definitely worth a re-watch! Jim cheated on Pam (source) Maybe Jim didn't cheat on Pam with temp Cathy in Florida, but what about when he was spending all that time in Philly? We don't see much of him or who he spends time with while he's working out there, and we know that Pam is struggling during this time. She even breaks down to the documentary crew camera op guy, Brian, over the growing strain on her and Jim's relationship. In the finale Q&A, an audience member asks Pam why she didn't trust Jim, but before she can answer, Jim cuts her off and gives a very generic answer, saying it was "his fault". If it was just the distance that created the tension between them, why was Jim so panicked at the question? Was he protecting Pam from being made to feel bad that she ever mistrusted Jim, or was he protecting himself? Got a favorite fan theory about The Office? Let us know @Smosh! Contributor: Cat PajamasView Count: 2Featured: Weekly View Count: 2Content Tag: smoshsmoshpitthe officefan theoriesDunder MifflinTV theoriesReddit fan theoriesfunny fan theoriesMass images: