Restaurant Owner Spots Cat Living In The Ceiling, Becomes Completely Smitten And Feeds It 4 Times A Day (Video)

Can you believe it? There are still people in this world who say that they hate cats. We know - baffling, impawssible. But it's true! Some of them still claim that. We disagree though. We think that those people who 'hate cats' have simply never hung out with a cat - not properly. We have seen too many stories of people who hate cats changing their minds after a single encounter with them. Like the video of the dad who said 'I don't like cats' who met a rescued kitten and immediately fell in love, or the story about a woman's dad who didn't like cats who changed his mind thanks to one special kitten, or that collection we made a while back of 14 men who didn't want cats totally falling in love with their little furballs. Yes, you have noticed correctly. It seems that this phenomenon is mostly prevalent in men, but women are not immune to it - as proven in the video that you are about to watch.