Top 20 Cat Memes of The Week - Cheezburger Users Edition #250

Hey ICanHas-ers. Pet a cat yet today? If the answer is no we suggest that you seriously reevaluate your priorities. Waking up and petting a cat makes for the purrfect start to any day! That's how it works in our house at least. We wake up, the cats hop into bed with us if they are not already in bed with us, and we cuddle for a while. Once we've allowed ourselves to cuddle with the cats until they realize they are hungry and meow at us until we fill their bowls, we move on to the next part of our mornings. And you best believe that that involves coffee. How do you take your coffee? Black? Cream and sugar? Or are you more of a cappuccino person? We've been trying to wean ourselves off of milk and start using milk alternatives, like soy and almond, but it just does not hit the same way. Our friends are swearing up and down that oat milk is the way to go, but heck we are old-fashioned in our milk preferences. Back to cats. One of our proudest segments is our weekly round-up of the original lolcat memes that our users create and submit to us. This is where our users come together Feline goodness makes the world go round, and boy, do we love it. You guys put your senses of humor to work coming up with the silliest of lolcat memes and we are here for it. Thanks to our trusted, always reliable, never faltering audience, Lolcats is the most extensive cat meme gallery on the internet! Every single day our viewers show their unwavering dedication to the art of creating cat memes. We can't tell the future, but we have a hunch it will look a little something like a cat-themed utopia where cat memes will be so greatly valued we'll begin selling them off to the rich. So catch 'em now, while they're still free! Catch 'em all and catch 'em while they're hot. While you're at it, help us and help yourselves by making your own wholesome and hilarious cat memes using our meme builder. And who knows, your memes could be featured in next week's edition!