A Series Of Pouch Catatoes: 18 Fresh And Fluffy Feline Pouches

Meow, ICanHasers! We hope all of you are doing well. Though if you're not, that's totally valid. Just remember that you're not alone and you have an entire army of cat people behind you. Us cat people… we're pretty simple, not really high-maintenance or anything. In fact, our cats are more high-maintenance than us. Us, however, all we need is some fluff, some beans, and some chonk to squish and squeeze. Now that's a recipe for happiness. So we thought, what better way to bring joy to our readers than with a fluffy feline pouch article? We have to make it clear that a cat's pouch is not 'fat' or the result of overeating. While it is an additional layer of skin, it's not something that is obtained through eating, rather it's something every feline is born with. People say that there are a few reasons for the pouch, but it's mainly for protecting cats' internal organs.