Egyptian Cat: Cats Nowadays Are Simply Not Spoiled Enough (Video)

Sometimes, your cat will look at you with utter disappointment absolutely out of nowhere. There doesn't seem to be a reason or an explanation. They just look disappointment. As if these highly-spoiled grumpy cats are truly having a no-good terribly rotten day, as if these overly spoiled are truly feeling upset about their very hard lives, as if they somehow expect more admiration than we're already giving them. They seem to want to be worshipped - like the old Egyptian cats were. All cats are like that, and our singing cat lady, Tracy Thorne, knows exactly what we're talking about and not only that, but she has decided that she simply has to sing about it. Check out Tracy's social media: Facebook & Instagram. More of Tracy's original songs: Kitten Shenanigans Song: it wasn't me, The Gimme A Treat Song: never enough treats, A Song Dedicated To All The Purrfect Ginger Cats.