This Week's Most Supurrb Cat Tweets (June 30, 2022)

Hey pals. What's up with our favorite cat lovers? No one can make us laugh, smile, and stare in awe the way our cats do. It must be something about their floofy little faces, well that actually can not be it, because we also love hairless cats! Did you know that Sphynx cats are actually not completely hairless?It must be a feline thing. We adore lions, tigers, cheetahs, big cats, smol cats, fat cats, black cats. Pawsitivity in the form of feline goodness is exactly what we need right now, and we're sure that you guys do too. It seems like no matter what situation in life we find ourselves facing, our cats are always there by our sides to help get us through it. Their silliness gets us going, and turns frowns upside down. What else could we ask for in a faithful feline friend? So to those both near and far, east and west, gather round and allow yourselves to enjoy this wonderful compilation of cat Tweets featuring the fluffiest boys and girls in the whole wide world. And don't forget to give your cat some extra love today. If you don't have a cat, leave out some water and nibbles for the neighborhood cats in case they decide to drop by!