Bride Has One Wedding Request, Husband Can't Follow It or Keep His Promise

This bride may have cake on her face, but her newly-wed husband has egg on his. His bride had done all of the planning for their big day down to the last detail, which she was happy to do, but she had only one request for her fiancé at their wedding: No cake-face smashing. This idiot couldn't even get that one thing straight and managed to completely make a mash of things on their big day. Now, the honeymoon is barely even over and this bride is furious. Her husband thinks that she is "being dramatic" and keeps telling her that "it's not a big deal."She has posted her story to Reddit's r/AITA (Am I the A-Hole) subreddit in order to get readers' opinions as to whether or not she is in the wrong for being so frustrated about her husband's actions. Or is he in the wrong for refusing to listen to her request?Let us know in the comments!Scroll on for screenshots of the thread and responses below. Thumbnail Images: Aneta Voborilova