How Women Perceive Large Men With Small Dogs: Reddit Discussion

The stigma surrounding large men with small dogs has got to go, and it looks like it's well on it's way out after reading through the comments women left on this Reddit thread! There tends to be this notion that when choosing a dog, men should go for big dogs or 'masculine' breeds because they like the look of a tough dog opposed to getting the breed because it best suits their lifestyle.And that is a huge load of dog doodoo. We love a giant man with a tiny dog, it makes us smile so much. It's not emasculating, it's the opposite.  it tells you this person can love and care for something smaller and weaker than they are. If you asked us what is the cutest thing ever, we'd have to answer with: 'a hyper masculine dude with a tiny dog in a sweater, guaranteed to melt hearts everywhere.'