Laugh Away On This Hissterical Caturday: Fresh Cat Memes

Oooooh goodness, the week has finally come to an end. Honestly, we don't even know how we managed to make it through. Just kidding. We know exactly what got us through the week - it was cats, duh. Cats get us, cat people, through everything. Petting cats, cuddling cats, just… sitting there and watching cats be cats and nap and lick their booties - these activities are joyous to us. But of course, more than anything else, the thing that had us smiling whenever we came across it were hissterical cat memes. So, we're about to share them with you here.Like we do every Caturday, we have put together the very best cat memes of the week to fulfill your cat loving heart. We hope you enjoy them and that they turn your Caturday into the most purrfect day ever.