18-Year-Old Mega-Chonker Senior Cat Starts Life-Changing De-chonking Journey (Video)

Allow us to start by saying this: we love chonky cats. The more cat, there more there is to love. But, of course, everything has a limit, and while chonky cats are cute and squishy, we have to make sure that their weight doesn't get out of hand to keep them healthy and safe. Unfortunately, sometimes, it happens for reasons that are out of our hands, and since we can't turn back time, the only thing that we can do is take responsibility and help them do something about it. Thankfully, that's what this person did. His cat is a true mega chonker - to the point that it's hard for the kitty to walk. So, the cat's obviously loving owner has decided to help the cat start his de-chonking journey. There's still a long way to go, and being that this cat is an 18-year-old senior, cutting his food and exercising him too much could be detrimental to his health in and of itself, but he's already doing amazing, shedding pounds in the very first week. Hopefully, before we know it, this senior catto will be hopping on counters and tossing things off them. We are so excited to watch his journey.