Trashy Family Cheating Scandal Emerges on Facebook Sale for Baby Bassinet, Cringey Public Feud Ensues

It's incredible to me that people like this actually exist somewhere out there in the world. When 'Stephanie' posted her baby bassinet up for sale on the Jefferson County Buy, Sell, Trade page the last thing she was probably expecting was this saga to unfold. When 'Ashlee' responded to the sale enquiring about the bassinet because she was "pregnet again" (which is mysteriously missing from these screenshots) her mother-in-law Judy responded. Her mother-in-law Judy proceeds to ask Ashlee how she is "pregnet" if her partner (Judy's son) 'Bryson' is in prison and accuses her of cheating on Bryson. The whole thing unravels from there as other members of the community get involved and this has to be the trashiest thing I've ever laid eyes onto. Hats off to the guy who jumps in amongst all the chaos and asks if the bassinet is still available. _Afterward, while you're in a trashy mood check out this collection of trashy moments.