Baby Bear Experiences Snow For The First Time (Video)

Snow days are such a blissful time during childhood. No school, no homework, just getting to sit at home in the warm living room and watch TV, and of course getting to go outside and play in the snow. Us hoomans love snow days so much, so just imagine how exciting the first day of snow must be for a bear! Yes, some bears go into hibernation, but not for the entire winter season. In this video, we get to see an adorable baby bear, one who appears to be a Finish brown bear, experience the joy of a snow day. If you haven't already raced to scroll down and watch this awwdorable video, then you need to, asap,  because trust us, this video is bear-y cute! Fun fact, in addition to being really cool animals, some species of bears are actually really sweet creatures who tend to not start conflict with humans. We just want to stress that if you encounter a bear out there in the wild, don't stick around long enough to take a video, this bear has clearly been raised in a zoo or a similar program where it was socialized to be around humans. So without further ado, we hope you can bear the pure cuteness of this video: