Wholesome Secrets People Have Been Keeping

During these trying and tumultuous times it's terribly easy to forget that there are in fact people out in the world that are committed to humbly spreading acts of pure loving kindness. You've probably seen your fair share of people that have decided to take the route of raving about their "selfless" acts on social media, to the point where it almost seems like the very act of kindness was conceptualized and carried out for the sole sake of raking in some clout. Not only is such an approach toward acts of generosity just a little bit unbecoming, but it also manages to effortlessly irritate other folks that witness it.So, an AskReddit thread like this that's dedicated to highlighting people's best kept wholesome secrets is just the kind of collection of insights that can really reignite your faith in humanity. A huge part in setting a positive mindset can be sourced in what one is actually steering their attention toward. Sometimes, we can become so conditioned by all the different technological tools available at our disposal, and oftentimes all the stressful headlines that said tools can generate for our unconscious consumption that we don't fully realize the impact that their having on our well being. Thus, redirecting one's attention to threads and other bits of wholesome media can work wonders for a nice little positive mood boost.Maybe you've been someone who was on the receiving end of one of these acts of selfless kindness. Perhaps, a spontaneous moment arose when you were just muddling through a typical, bank account-sapping trip to the grocery store, when suddenly a perfect stranger decides to help you out with some grocery items. And it's done so from a genuinely gracious place. There's something strange about those kinds of actions that possess the capacity to inspire more of us to keep the good energy flowing. It's like the wholesome generosity momentarily knocks us out of our daily automated processes where we're so often just racing from point A to point B, and instead slows us down, and encourages us to look for ways where we might end up being able to help out another fellow human being with their life pursuits. As mentioned at the beginning of this ramble, when the times get tough it falls on us to proactively seek out ways to help others outside of ourselves. Without a little bit of support from folks, the avalanche of fails and other frustrating life events that life just loves to throw one's way, can feel completely exhausting. So, maybe the highlights from this AskReddit thread can act as some kind of catalyst to drive more of the good, wholesome vibes back into the atmosphere.Obviously we appreciate our fails here. So much. Like an insatiable appetite kind of much. But every now and again it's nice to shake it all up and momentarily observe some of the pure good that is being spread around the world. As it turns out there's a whole lot.