Shocked Pets Who Just Discovered They Are Adopted

Surprise! Well, it can't be that much of a surprise. These expressive pets look as if they were just told the most shocking news -- and what's more shocking than finding out you're adopted? We're sure there are plenty of things but this one just felt right. Expressive animals are one of our favorite things in this world, it's so hilarious and truly makes it known that all animals carry an arrange of emotions, just like us. You can see when they're angry, scared, or happy. You can tell when they're shocked, curious, or suspicious. They wear their heart on their sleeve, their facial expressions just give them away and we're so thankful for that! There are cats who are more expressive than others but all cats can show some facial expressions. Here are 20 pets who just discovered the dreaded truth... they aren't the hooman's biological baby.