Plot Holes Big Enough To Drive Trucks Through

Some plot holes are just too monstrous to not dwell upon. This AskReddit thread calls out all the plot holes people came across that were big enough to drive trucks through. Proceed at your own risk, these might make you feel frustrated all over again. 
  • Man Baits Mall Thieves With Tricky Christmas Gift
    People that steal are the worst. People that steal during the holidays are a whole new level of immoral and selfish. Especially those folks like the ones in this story ...
    (00:00) Fail Blog
  • Concrete Slab Destroys Car, Barely Misses Dude
    Recent icy rain and winds in Russia have been battering and weakening infrastructure, especially this concrete slab that came down onto this guy's car just as he was clearing it ...
    (November 24 11:00) Fail Blog
  • Bitter And Absolutely Brutal Texts From Exes
    People seem capable of soaring to unprecedented heights of pure savage pettiness, when it comes to what kinds of texts they'll send their exes after a breakup. It could be ...
    (November 24 23:00) Fail Blog
  • Bold Tumblr User Makes Gatorade Bread
    It sounds like it should be a cursed food straight from lucifer's larder, but it looks like this person successfully made bread using Gatorade as an essential component. It feels ...
    (01:00) Fail Blog
  • Man's Drone Flying Skills Are Superhuman
    This guy was really playing with fire when it came to how close he took his drone to that train. Literally flew it into a moving boxcar at one point. ...
    (November 24 21:00) Fail Blog
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