Recharge Nearly Complete: Cats Soaking Up Sun

With the summer ending, we have decided to celebrate the warmth one more time with a whole lotta kitties chilling in the sun. 'Sunshine babies' is what my friend likes to call them. Adorable little beings finding the warmest spot to soak up the relaxing energy of the sun. It doesn't matter where it is, whether on a pile of books on your desk, next to one of your windows, or if it's just one line of sun across your sheets, they'll find it, and they'll make the best of it.They're the cuddliest when they're sunbathing. It's one of the best times to come to them and gently hug them and press our noses into their warm fur. And everyone loves cuddling calm kittens - adults, other cats, and even babies. So, let your heart warm by enjoying these gorgeous cats in the sunshine and have an incredible day!