Japanese Artist Creates a Beautiful Sushi Restaurant House For His Cat

Japanese Twitter user and arts and crafts handiworker @trill_yukawa, or Trill, decided to build a new house for his kitty, Hachi. Up till then, Hachi lived in an Amazon cardboard box which he quite liked but was starting to be too small for him.  Trill knew it was time to build a special new house for his beloved cat, one that used his creative capabilities. With the kanji for "fish" (sakana) and Hachi's name on it, it looks like Hachi wasn't just getting a new house, but their very own sushi restaurant! Check out his working process on this very detailed design, all based on the Japanese traditional style including sliding doors, hand-painted windows, roof tiles and of course, a pet heater. But at the end of the day, Trill knew only Hachi's opinion counts.Maybe it was the appeal of possible sushi inside, but Hachi took to it quite naturally!