Strange and Interesting Chairs

Here are some clever and creative implements for sitting. Some of them even look comfortable. If you think these designs are too well thought out, then here are some design fails that were someone's one job. And for a way less comfortable place to sit, here are some toilets with threatening auras.
  • Spelling So Bad It's Creative
    We live in a world where spelling doesn't seem to be a high priority, and that leads us to some spelling fails that would make the dictionary quit. These invented ...
    (March 28 04:00) Fail Blog
  • Flashback Fail: Self-Important Woman Kicked Off Flight
    This woman got on a flight and proceeded to stir up all kinds of toxic energy. Her blind entitlement and rude behavior to all those around her, resulted in her ...
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  • "It's Not Stupid if it Works" Moments
    We like to think solutions have to be as complicated as the problems themselves, but sometimes a seemingly stupid solution is exactly what you need. Where there's a will, there's ...
    (March 28 06:00) Fail Blog
  • Dude Has Fun With Text Message Scammer
    This guy decided to have some fun with a text message scammer who hollered his way. As long as the scammers are around and trying to catch unsuspecting folks with ...
    (March 28 07:00) Fail Blog
  • Seth Rogen Asks Alexa For Different Farts
    Seth Rogen discovered the depths of his Alexa device's capacity for generating a variety of farts. You haven't really lived yet until you've heard Alexa unleash a "difficult fart." 
    (March 28 08:00) Fail Blog
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