The definitive breakdown of the best laptops available in the UK

Picking a new laptop and choosing a new car are pretty similar experiences: They're two of the most important decisions you'll make in your lifetime. OK, laptops are significantly cheaper than cars, and your life and safety don't exactly depend on them — but your job and other important life things (like Netflix) are made so much better by the addition of a reliable laptop. SEE ALSO: 6 of the best gaming laptops for £1,000 or less in the UK The point is that laptops are not one-size-fits-all, and this isn't a choice that can be made based on just price or looks. It's what's on the inside that counts: Beginners need something user-friendly and straightforward, frequent travelers need something light with a long battery life, designers and gamers need top-notch 4K graphics and quick central processors, and everyone needs something that's not going to break after a year. We're sweating already. Read more...More about Tech, Laptops, Consumer Tech, Shopping Uk, and Uk Deals IMAGE: Amazon BEST FOR TOUCHSCREEN Huawei Matebook X Pro If you can ignore the webcam placement, this laptop's 3K touchscreen and stellar speakers make it a powerhouse for work and play. Storage: 512 GB SSD RAM: 8 GB Battery life: 12 hours £1,307 from Amazon IMAGE: Amazon BEST FOR VERSATILITY Lenovo Yoga 920 Lenovo's most recent upgrade to its already amazing convertible offers speed and great battery life. Storage: 256 GB SSD RAM: 8 GB Battery life: Up to 15 hours £1,300 from Amazon IMAGE: Amazon BEST FOR VIDEO AND PHOTO EDITING Apple MacBook Pro Apple's MacBook Pro is the best laptop money can buy for photo and video editing. Storage: 256GB SSD RAM: 8 GB Battery life: Up to 10 hours £1,449 from Amazon IMAGE: Dell BEST FOR VISUAL ARTISTS Dell XPS 15 Features all the colour, sound, and up-to-the-second streaming that a video enthusiast could ask for. Storage: 1 TB RAM: 32 GB Battery life: Up to seven hours £1,379 from Dell IMAGE: Amazon BEST FOR GAMING Razer Blade The best overall (and most aesthetically pleasing) gaming laptop out there, the latest Razer Blade provides top notch graphics with no lag. Storage: 512GB SSD RAM: 16 GB Battery life: Up to 7.5 hours £1,950 from Amazon IMAGE: Amazon BEST FOR PORTABILITY ASUS Chromebook Flip One of the best choices for frequent travelers or people who care about a heavy bag. Storage: 64 GB RAM: 8 GB Battery life: Up to 10 hours £749.99 from Amazon