Photographer Gains The Trust Of Squirrels And Takes Photos Of Their Adorable Interactions

Mr. Geert Wegge is a nature photographer since 2013 and looking at his work would leave you asking "How did he do it" as each photo is a masterpiece, telling a story.  His amazing works include photographing wild squirrels in their most unique, magical, and playful nature.Around 6 years ago, Weggen came across a fox in his doorstep. After giving him food to eat, the little fox started coming back to his balcony. After a few weeks, this fox started playing with Weggen's photography props. Soon after, birds and squirrels followed.The red squirrels at his photos look like pro models and after months of gaining their trust, he has managed to photoshoot them in adorable and creative settings like riding a toy dragon, playing chess, eating a small cone of ice cream etc. When asked how he comes up with his amazing photography ideas, he explained to My Modern Mat: "I have always been a fantasist, a dreamer. Most of the time I see things that were not there according to the people around me. I would say they were wrong. The world is a big place for dreaming and fantasy. It is one big wonder. Ideas come the whole the time and they seem to never stop". He even built an entire outdoor studio made out of wood, trees, and of course plants. Geert has his little secret in luring the squirrels into his beautiful outdoor studio: "Food. Mostly it is about that. If I did not have food they would not come."Check out some of his adorable photos below. For more, look into his Instagram page as well as his Facebook page.