Man Who Almost Died Opens Successful Family Practice Clinic With Therapy Cats

Sometimes bad things happen and we're left with difficult challenges, and if we face those challenges they can only make us stronger. Meet Dr. Will Powers. In a detailed post on Imgur, Dr. Powers shared his story, from hitting rock bottom and working his way up. His story dates back to one specific event, in 2017. Dr. Powers had three cats named Sirius, Arcturus, and Cygnus (all named after stars), two of the cats were Guinness World Record Title holders. Arcturus for tallest cat to ever live and Cygnus for longest tail on a cat. According to Dr. Powers, life had been great so far, "[Dr Will Powers and his Dr. wife] were booking TV shows and charity events, as I was president of the Ferndale Cat Shelter at the time, and the cats fame helped us raise money to help Detroit rescue and street cats."Then on November 12th, 2017, Dr. Powers woke up to find this house completely ablaze. Desperately searching for his beloved cats and opening up as many rescue routes for them to possibly take, Dr. Powers soon passed out from the smoke. First responders found him in the basement, the house had burned down to the foundation and he lost everything. Including Arcturus, Sirius and Cygnus.After a year of trying to recover from the lost mentally, and physically, Dr Will Powers decided to make a change in his life -- and open up his own family practice clinic, Powers Family Medicine.Dr Powers decided to spice things up a bit and create a theme for his practice on the two things he loves most -- video games and cats.