Women Share The Completely Irrational Stuff They've Done Under The Influence Of Hormones

Hormones are wild. Women are sharing the most irrational things they've done while under the influence of hormones. The resulting thread went viral. It's no wonder. People just kind of lose themselves (temporarily) while they're working through the ups and downs of hormones. 
  • Busted Toilet Does a Great Chewbacca
    This is not the response you'd expect from staring into a recently flushed toilet. Definitely not the worst. Imagine having your daily toilet use punctuated by a wailing Chewy. It ...
    (December 06 11:00) Fail Blog
  • "Hot Mom" Rages Against Shopping Cart Police
    This self-proclaimed shopping cart narc ended up awakening the rage of a very angry mom, when she was told to return her shopping cart. 
    (December 06 12:00) Fail Blog
  • Absolute Genius Pulls Off Stunning Jenga Move
    This man is a master in the art of Jenga. He pulls off the impossible when it comes to removing the Jenga block that quite simply, doesn't look like it's ...
    (December 06 13:00) Fail Blog
  • Guy Totally Nails Skyrim NPC Impression
    He's got the unmoving head locked on target, he's got the glitching into chairs, he's got the bland and repetitive voice clips. We half expected this guy to fall through ...
    (December 06 10:00) Fail Blog
  • Twitter Users Share Things That Shouldn't Exist
    Twitter users are sharing those things that just really shouldn't exist in this universe. The world might be a better place without things like alarm clocks and fake man buns.  ...
    (December 06 09:00) Fail Blog
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