Don't get too excited about 'The Simpsons' predicting 'Game of Thrones' Episode 5

Warning: Contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8, episode five. The Simpsons has, undeniably, predicted a whole bunch of real-world eventsWhen it comes to politics in particular, America's favourite animated family seems to have a habit of hitting the nail on the head. But not all predictions are as impressive as they first seem. SEE ALSO: These 2 old 'Game of Thrones' visions basically predicted Episode 5 Back in 2016, a tweet claiming that The Simpsons predicted Trump's presidency went viral — but the date on one of the images was later shown to be wrong, while another had been taken totally out of context. Read more...More about Game Of Thrones, The Simpsons, Game Of Thrones Season 8, Entertainment, and Game Of Thrones