Groovy Photos That Bring Back Good Memories

The good ol’ times—an expression we use to describe the nostalgia we feel reminiscing on the past. A feeling that brings you right back to a special moment in time, almost as if you have a time machine. Whether it’s a smell, a taste, or a picture that brings you back to the best of times, it’s always an adventure walking down memory lane. Remembering the most iconic people and places of the grooviest era of all time is a trip, because once you get started, you won’t want to turn back. Let’s look at some of history’s most nostalgic moments; from the musical to the magical, you won’t be disappointed. Johnny Cash and His Cake If this picture doesn’t scream pure joy, I’m not sure what does. Johnny Cash was music legend, selling more than 90 million records worldwide during his career. He made strides within the country music community but maintained heavy inspiration from the blues, rock n’ roll, and even gospel. So much so, that he was inducted into all three Hall of Fame’s. Cash’s unique voice combined with the heartfelt and deep songs he wrote brought him much success in Hollywood, and he wasn’t shy about showing how much he was enjoying it. A known party animal, Cash is pictured here with a face full of strawberry cake— a photo that would later become the art for the back his 1971 album, “Strawberry Cake”.