This Man Decided to Retire in a Home Made from an Old Bus, The Results Are Incredible!

For most people, retiring in an old bus wouldn’t be the dream they had for their golden years; however, for Greg Flint, his bus meant the world to him. Nicknamed “Buster,” the old bus may not look like much, but has a rich and long history with Greg. So much so, that he decided to convert the old clunker into the home of his dreams. Despite the challenges and uphill battles, he faced, Gregg worked hard to convert the old bus into a home he would be proud of and he certainly succeeded. Proving that you can’t just a book by its cover, Greg’s converted home has to be seen to believed. It truly is amazing what people can accomplish when they put their minds to it and refuse to give up regardless of the odds. 20.  Looks Can Be Deceiving Upon first glance at Greg Flint’s home, one might question its state. The paint on the bus is chipped, and its overall appearance shows years of neglect; however, the inside is an absolutely stunning example craftsmanship.