IKEA Plush Shark Placed In Human-Like Situations Is Back

Perhaps you can recall the popular Blåhaj (Blaha), the shark plush, IKEA had been selling a year ago or so?Well, IKEA discontinued the insanely popular plush. And it wasn't until a fan-made petition pushing for it's return -- that the Blåhaj plush was officially relaunched and back at IKEA! And with its return came the countless social media posts! There has even been separate Instagram accounts created for the popular shark plushy. The whole fun behind this plush, is going to IKEA and finding the hiding sharks in human-like situations. There's even a given map at the entrance on where you can find the sharks (and baby sharks).After seeing these pics, we're eager to join the scavenger hunt! Look out, IKEA! We're coming!