'The Office' Mystery Solved: This Guy Proves Toby Was the Scranton Strangler

If you were a fan of The Office, you know about the Scranton Strangler, the elusive serial killer who lurked in the background of a number of episodes starting in season six. Of course, since it was one of the show's funnest running bits, many fans speculated that one of the Dunder Mifflin Employees themselves were the true Scranton Strangler. Of all the theories that popped up about the true identity of the Scranton Strangler, however, none were more convincing than the one suggesting that sad, unlucky Toby Flenderson was the serial killer. Twitter user Spencer McClure shared the theory in a thread today, and it has the internet SHOOK-ETH! ‼️Conspiracy Theory‼️For my fans of The Office... Toby Flenderson is the Scranton Strangler. And I’ll tell you why... pic.twitter.com/DYuUb1q3NY — Spencer McClure (@spencermcclure_) March 11, 2018 Motive (Pt. 1):Toby works in a low paying job, where all of his coworkers are tremendously rude to him. Michael being the worst of the bunch. pic.twitter.com/alzExQXf7w — Spencer McClure (@spencermcclure_) March 11, 2018 Motive (Pt. 2):Toby had a failed marriage, was divorced, and struggles to form a relationship with his daughter. He developed a crush on Pam, and felt optimistic after she split with Roy and even asked her out. However, he was forced to watch her fall in love with Jim. pic.twitter.com/iwemPnDTq3 — Spencer McClure (@spencermcclure_) March 11, 2018 Motive (Pt. 3):Finally, Toby was fed up. He decided to move to Costa Rica for work, which resulted in him being hospitalized after a zip lining accident and was stuck there for months. This was the breaking point for him. pic.twitter.com/c9wDOSnBZC — Spencer McClure (@spencermcclure_) March 11, 2018 This is where things get good... The Scranton Strangler was introduced in Season 6, when Pam and Jim have their baby. An obviously frustrating day for Toby. — Spencer McClure (@spencermcclure_) March 11, 2018 Toby was seen at the start of the episode trying to get in the elevator, but was blocked off by Michael. Once everyone arrived at the hospital, he was the only one missing... pic.twitter.com/U96ocaHmAC — Spencer McClure (@spencermcclure_) March 11, 2018 The very next day, Andy brought in a present for Cece. A copy of the newspaper that reads “Scranton Strangler strikes again” pic.twitter.com/HXciMS5tLB — Spencer McClure (@spencermcclure_) March 11, 2018 Later in the series, the crew was at a church for Cece’s Christening. Toby had a noticeably difficult time going into the church, suggesting a guilty conscious. When he eventually went in he started asking God why he was always so mean to him. pic.twitter.com/MjHJmVNPZk — Spencer McClure (@spencermcclure_) March 11, 2018 Fast forward some more to “The Viewing” episode. This is when the chase down between the police and the Scranton Strangler happened. Everyone was there watching. That is, except Toby... pic.twitter.com/VwOTNX7go6 — Spencer McClure (@spencermcclure_) March 11, 2018 But wait a minute... We’ve seen that car before. Not just anywhere, but in the Dunder Miflin parking lot itself... pic.twitter.com/mitnc7IP2y — Spencer McClure (@spencermcclure_) March 11, 2018 Wrapping things up, Toby got summoned for Jury Duty to be on the Scranton Strangler cade. He came across as very confident that they got it right, that the real Scranton Strangler was behind bars pic.twitter.com/xCeVRHpfnJ — Spencer McClure (@spencermcclure_) March 11, 2018 However, he went back on that later on in the show as he confesses in Michael’s last Dundies that he feels guilty that he put an innocent man behind bars... pic.twitter.com/3a218L2M46 — Spencer McClure (@spencermcclure_) March 11, 2018 Consumed with guilt, Toby goes to visit the man he deemed guilty. The seen of the interaction was never shown, but instead had Toby leaving in a neck brace. Viewers assumed that this meant it was really the strangler, yet I disagree pic.twitter.com/SUEOCG1RJ6 — Spencer McClure (@spencermcclure_) March 11, 2018 Toby either faked the attack, or he confessed to the man in prison that he was the real Scranton Strangler, and the man attacked him out of anger for his false imprisonment. — Spencer McClure (@spencermcclure_) March 11, 2018 Toby is the real Scranton Strangler. Change my mind. This is the end of the thread. I hope you enjoyed, or else i’m sorry for wasting your time 😂 — Spencer McClure (@spencermcclure_) March 11, 2018 Disclaimer: I did not come up with this theory. I just wanted to share the theory to Twitter because I thought it was really interesting. I heard about it about 3 years ago when I first watched the show, and there’s several other posts of it on Tumblr and Youtube. — Spencer McClure (@spencermcclure_) March 13, 2018 And then, someone shared THIS crucial moment: Add this one to your list. pic.twitter.com/5SxWTE4a5p — Jared Maguire (@j_mags1) March 12, 2018 Here's another more obscure reason why it makes sense for Toby to be the Scranton Strangler: the writers went out of their way to make his life absolutely miserable, without any rhyme or reason (except that it was funny). Of course, after five seasons, it'd be tough to keep punishing an innocent character over and over again. Maybe the writers justified their torture of Toby by turning him into a secret serial killer! After all, if he's a murderer, he totally deserves all the sh*tty things that happen to him. (source) Are you convinced that Toby was the Scranton Strangler? If not, who do you think was? Let us hear all your thoughts and theories @Smosh! 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