12 "It" Girls of the Aughts

The Aughts were a magical time. Juicy Couture tracksuits and shrug sweaters were a thing. And Hollywood had a flock of It Girls running around town. They were all somehow friends with Paris Hilton and/or dated Aaron Carter and/or were styled by celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe. Their exploits were all over the pages of Us Weekly. They’d wear boho chic outfits, then go to Coffee Bean to eat a cake in front of the paparazzi to prove they didn’t have an eating disorder. Who were these fabulous It Girls, you ask? Why, they were these women… Paris Hilton Paris Hilton is the first person in recorded history to become famous for being famous. And by recorded history, we mean everything after 2001. Nicole Richie Nicole Richie became famous because her best friend, Paris Hilton, was famous, and also her dad, Lionel Richie, was famous. But now she’s famous in her own right, so it all kind of worked out? Nicky Hilton Eduardo Sciammarella/Flickr Being famous must be contagious, because Nicky Hilton was around her famous socialite sister so much that she became famous too. Now she’s not as famous, but still kind of famous for that one time in the aughts when she was super famous. Mischa Barton Every girl in the aughts wanted to be Mischa Barton’s character on The O.C., Marissa Cooper. But, like, less troubled. And also not written off the show. Lindsay Lohan In the aughts, we got to watch Lindsay Lohan both star in Mean Girls and also turn into a mean girl. Lindsay Lohan was friends with all of the other It Girls of the aughts, then fought with all of the It Girls of the aughts. That’s what happens when you’re livin’ la vida Lohan! Britney Spears In the aughts, Britney Spears ran barefoot in gas stations, showed her Britney every time she got out of a car, and had a Starbucks frappuccino in her hand at all times. Honestly, those moves made her into the icon she is today. And for that, we salute you, Miss Spears. Hilary Duff Actress and singer Hillary Duff entertained us through the aughts. On screen, we watched her in A Cinderella Story. Off screen, we watched her fight with Lindsay Lohan over Aaron Carter of all people. The Olsen Twins In the aughts, the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were just normal NYU students who were also worth a batrillion dollars. The Olson Twins were heavily photographed. But really, you could take a photo of a pile of scarves with a Starbucks cup larger than it was, and nobody would know the difference. Tara Reid In the aughts, Tara Reid appeared in Josie and the Pussycats, was engaged to Carson Daily, and had several botched surgeries. What a way to spend a decade! Sienna Miller The embodiment of the free-spirited boho chic look, actress Sienna Miller was such a style that she appeared on the cover of Vogue. She also appeared in movies, we think. Lauren Conrad Lauren Conrad was the average girl in every way, provided the average girl appeared on two MTV reality shows before she turned 21. Just normal in every way! Jessica Simpson On the reality TV show she starred in with then-husband Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson asked the deep questions. Over a decade later, we’re still wondering if Chicken of the Sea tuna is chicken or fish. Do you remember any of these people? Let us know on Twitter! Contributor: Heidi LuxView Count: 4Featured: Weekly View Count: 4Content Tag: smoshsmoshpitit girls2000sbritney spearsparis hiltonMass images: 
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